A Royal Love Devotional

In A Royal Love Devotional, author Corrine Sharpe documents her and others’ heart encounters and experiences of getting to know Jesus through a personal relationship. In moments of uncertainty, encouragement, and pain, God reveals Himself to bring peace, love, and joy.

These are powerful moments with the King. Within these moments, women and girls of all ages are reminded of their place, inheritance, and value in the Kingdom of God, regardless of their circumstances. Through the author’s and other contributors’ personal moments, the reader experiences God’s faithfulness and relentless love, reminding them of the eternal Kingdom and their individual purposes.

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A Royal Love Devotional
A Royal Love Revealed 2020

A Royal Love Revealed

A 2017 Florida Authors & Publishers Association President’s Book Award Medalist

In 2011, God sent Corrine Sharpe a simple, loving message: Look for the hearts. She had lost her mother to cancer. Her family struggled in the depths of grief. This divine revelation from the King of Kings healed their hearts. A Royal Love Revealed is Sharpe’s memoir of loss, belief, and love.

Are we loved? Are we valuable? Our material world has its opinions as to the nature of love. It wants to determine who or what is valuable. Inspirational author Corrine Sharpe believes that true value comes from within. It is inherent. We are made in the image of Love. Through the author’s personal moments and powerful imagery, the reader discovers that God’s revelations are not coincidental. It is the unexplainable at work. God desires to walk with us in a relationship and show us his unwavering, relentless love.

Sharpe desires readers to know that we can love because we know Christ’s pure love. God is with us and for us. His love is for all of humanity and for every part of our fractured hearts. As the reader sees God’s love move through this story, it is her prayer that you spend time with this relational God and receive his unmerited loving kindness every moment of every day. His love is unshakable, wild, and all consuming. There is no greater love than the love of the Father.

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“Corrine Sharpe’s A Royal Love Revealed is a message of hope for the grieving. Sharpe’s goal was to write a book that would open readers’ eyes to see God’s “unshakeable and all consuming” love. In her memoir, Corrine shares the loss of her beloved mother and of how she found solace through the heart of God. After the death of her mom, Corrine and her family begin to see images of hearts. The heart blessings would appear in moments of great need or times of sorrow, and often came in the most unlikely of ways. As a result, the heart sightings encouraged their hearts and souls. God’s faithfulness turned their grief into joy through His miraculous love notes.”

4 stars
-Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite-

“Captivating from the introduction on…a great read!”

-J. Brown-

“The message of the book is that God is all around us. All that we have to do is to receive Him in and then open our hearts to see Him. The heart photos in the book are beautiful and add to the story. The “Heart Beats” at the end of each chapter allow the reader to reflect on his/her own thoughts. I can’t wait to share this book with my family and friends!”

-Amazon Customer-

“LOVE this heartfelt message!!”

-Amazon Customer-

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